The Tech Magic network is a team of highly specialized and experienced IT technicians of various backgrounds. We’re locally owned and operated in the state of Colorado and have been doing business since February, 2014. Our experience ranges from business to business subcontracting to tailored services for individual customers.

Tech Magic is not your regular bunch of geeks. Our business ideology is based on providing high quality IT services without the gouging costs most large corporate structures provide through a “one size fits all” approach. We tackle every problem, approach every customer, handle every contract and provide every service we offer with a thoughtful, individualized solution. Our work is an art form to us and our customer’s happiness and satisfaction is also our happiness and satisfaction.

There’s no customer or problem too small for us. We love customers with every type of problem. Being in the field of computing we know how frustrating it can be for individuals who have a need with their personal computing and yet they can’t find anyone to help them without the hefty price tag to go along with it. Tech Magic aims to be the medium in the field of IT services by providing cost effective services to everyone from grandmothers to students.

Meet the Magician Technician –

Meet Aaron. Aaron is our tier 3 support technician, computer programmer, analyst, install technician and he’s also the company president! Aaron has worked in IT related fields for over 20 years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout his career. He’s worked as a tech support specialist, web developer, network installer and database administrator. He enjoys the Colorado outdoors, playing chess, playing guitar and doing web development in his spare time. He also enjoys playing the lottery and can type upwards of 90 words per minute!

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