If you want to do things correctly you’re going to spend more time planning and thinking of the possible scenarios than you are building and making your project come to life. Whether it be a new computer network, a website, web application or a new database you can be better equipped and prepared for the road ahead with our expertise in computing on your side.

We offer consulting services for a fee and quite often give free advice and assistance over the phone to many of our existing customers who utilize other services from us. There are more things we can help you with than we could possibly ever list here so the best option is to call, text or email us about what it is you need professional advice with. We help plan for security camera systems, setting up home networks, setting up servers, upgrading computers and much more. We’re not limited to anything we work with people’s individual needs.

Here’s a picture of us helping a home owner submit technical drawings to the City and County of Denver for their home improvement project in 2017. The project was approved by the City with our help moving the technical drafts from paper to the computer. We hope this will demonstrate the diversity of subjects in which we’re able to offer you technical assistance, analysis and planning concerning yourself and a computer in any way.

Technical Drafts