Tech Magic has over 20 consecutive (not accumulative) years of experience dealing with computers and computer applications. We’re well prepared to offer advanced assistance to our customers with common computer applications and not-so common alike. We know the best apps (free or paid for) to use for the challenge at hand!

Do you need to setup an FTP situation at your home or office? Would you like to access your computer desktops remotely? Do you just need help with Microsoft Excel? Do you need to find the best “alternative” program or a free program to get the job done? Do you have a computer application with a client and server that you need to make “talk” to each other? How can I perform this particular repetitive task I do on the computer everyday with the press of a single key on the keyboard and then literally watch it do itself on my computer screen? – Oh boy, we’ve got some serious solutions to your problems! We can do all that and more.

If you don’t call us we can’t help you and you’ll never know why it is that we’re bragging so hard about the solutions we can provide you with here on this page. Anyone on Craigslist can open a Microsoft Excel file, input a formula and call themselves a Microsoft Office pro. Only Tech Magic can give you a solution to your computer application struggles that truly seem like magic. We’re not exaggerating here we will take your frustration away from the situation, permanently.

Stop struggling, stop wasting your time, stop getting frustrated and call us today.

Peaceful Bliss