We know all too well what happens to operating systems and the software they run over time. For many of us there just aren’t enough hours in the day to come home and have to worry about backing up the data on your computer. If you even know how to clean your computer (re-image) properly many people just don’t have the patience for it either. However, having a nice, clean, fast and efficiently running computer is at the top of everyone’s must-have list nonetheless.

No matter what the reason is Tech Magic is here to offer this very service to you with a quick turnaround time and a job well done throughout. We’re well versed in this process as we’ve performed hundreds of these backup and re-imaging operations in professional environments.

Our backup and clean service includes backing up of all the normal places and items of your computer such as documents, images, music, downloads. All of your computer applications like Outlook and Mail can be included in the backup/restore process. The checklist below can be filled out before we pickup or before you drop off your computer to us. It helps ensure that we perform this operation exactly the way you want it. We don’t expect you to remember everything and we will go ahead and backup just about everything we can find anyway.

Click either of the links below for the backup and re-image work request form: