Tech Magic loves to help and we can do it for a very small fee. Whether you need someone there at the office or you are comfortable with us providing remote support via we are on stand-by to help! All it takes is for you to pick up the phone and we can help with a wide range of desktop and application support issues you might be facing within minutes.

If you’re stuck with a computer problem where Windows or your system is reporting errors, if you’re having a problem with your email, if you need support with Microsoft Office applications, if your computer just won’t start or there’s something you just can’t figure out Tech Magic is ready to provide support in several ways. We can come out to you, you can bring your computer to us, we can access your desktop over the Internet safely with your permission or we can talk you through the problem over the phone.

Remember, we love to help people, we love to talk with our customers over the phone about problems big or small, there’s never a stupid question and we’re here to help with anything.

Here to help!