Tech Magic technicians and support professionals are very well equipped to tackle the most complex of problems regarding your email and hosting issues. We offer a range of services from email server setup to setting up mail clients like Microsoft Outlook. There’s also a ton of support for your web hosting services in terms of the time and effort we can save you. We go into a bit more of that below.

We know the best website hosts to outsource to, we know where you can get a free permanent SSL certificate from a trusted authority and how to implement it, we know how to fix your DNS records, we know the best registrars to buy a domain from, we can find out information about websites over the phone, we can fix all of your email or email forwarding issues with a simple phone call and we do it all with great customer service. Our customers aren’t just a meaningless phone call in the call queue to us.

We aim to be your “secret weapon”, your “hired gun”, your “tech support go-to” when it comes to dealing with such problems and we conduct our support services with a higher standard and lower turnaround time. Sometimes it’s just nice to talk to the same tech support specialist when you’re trying to work through a problem instead of continuously calling in, getting a different person and having to give all your account info over and over. We can act as a liaison between you and the hosting company so you don’t waste your valuable time on hold all morning. Plus we’ve already dealt with just about every problem in the book so we already know exactly what to do.

Call and get acquainted with our tech support team today! We’re friendly, professional, knowledgeable and here to help you. We love to take your calls, take your questions, take the work out of your hands and the headaches out of the equation.

Random picture of our Tech Support Phone Equipment