Tech Magic provides on-site equipment support services that include setting up computers and computer networks for event services, classrooms, point of sale systems and much more. We make it easy for people to just show up, have the equipment setup and working, ready to go for whatever the occasion might be. We also take the equipment down if necessary.

We’ve setup training classrooms with computer networks, group seminars with computers and projector, silent auctions with wifi tablets and servers, point of sale systems for event merchandising, computer networks and camera equipment for market research studies, home entertainment systems and the list goes on and on. We don’t limit our services to any particular industry or type of job. Call and talk to us about whatever it is you need a professional technician to setup and have ready for you or your team today.

Tech Magic provides a wide range of options concerning our setup and breakdown services. We can have the equipment ready for a certain event, tested, configured, packaged and shipped and we can remain on-site for technical support if needed as well.

Check out some of the equipment setup work we’ve done lately.

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