Tech Magic loves to fix and upgrade computers. Tech Magic technicians have the skill to quickly and easily upgrade your systems with the newest hardware available on the market. We’re always on stand-by ready to help you by coming to you or you can drop your computer off with us. We have years of experience working in professional computer assembly and computer repair shops both here in Denver and in North Carolina.

We diagnose and troubleshoot issues, upgrade components, provide free estimates of the cost and labor and we stand by our work with a 30 day warranty on all repairs and upgrades. There are many people out there willing to offer repair and upgrade services for your PCs but they don’t have the magic touch that tech magic applies to every job we do. Our magic is in the quality of the service performed, the professionalism and quick turnaround time that accompanies the process.

Tech magic will communicate with you thoroughly during the upgrade process by letting you know everything that will need to take place in order to get your computers functional or upgraded. If we can’t fix it there’s never a fee. Our repair and upgrade services differ from the generic computer repair service that cell phone repair shops offer in that we are specifically oriented and specialized in computer repair alone. Additionally, we are willing to work with our customers as far as picking up and dropping off the computers if lugging a computer around is a challenge for them.

We can do most everything any repair/upgrade shop can do with a few exceptions like AC adapter repair and some advanced soldering services. If your dog chews up your laptop power cord, call us, we’ll fix it in roughly an hour.

  • RAM Upgrades
  • We will help you find the correct type, speed and capacity of RAM that’s compatible with your system. There are certain restrictions on RAM upgrades for every system especially when it involves more than one module and Tech Magic is very experienced in performing them.

  • Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Tech Magic will backup your existing data, install your new hard drive and put back all software and data on the new drive. This includes email and email programs, documents, pictures, music and all the commonalities usually involved in a hard drive swap. We will help you find software licenses for any proprietary software that might be installed by way of the software vendor if necessary. We make the entire process as painless as possible.

  • Laptop Power Cord and AC Adapter Repair
  • We get a customer every so often that comes to us with a laptop AC power adapter with a broken cord because of their kids, dogs or careless husbands. We can professionally put the pieces back together for you in about an hour or less.

  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • It’s not uncommon for a laptop to come in with a broken keyboard because a customers two year old toddler ripped the keys right off of it or because they spilled a drink on it. We’ll help you find the correct replacement and we’ll get it installed for you as quickly as humanly possible.

  • DVD/Blu-Ray Drive Upgrades/Replace
  • Many pre-built systems don’t have best DVD or Blu-Ray drives included in the system that they bought and this is one of the most common upgrade requests we get at Tech Magic.

  • Computer Case Swaps
  • On occasion we get a computer owner who bought a computer system and now they want a super cool case they found on the Internet for it. Sometimes system building companies like Dell use proprietary parts that won’t work with other computer cases and it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you buy that awesome case on the Internet. Give us a call first and we’d be happy to help!

  • CPU Swaps/Upgrades
  • A little less often Tech Magic gets a request or diagnoses a system that needs to have the CPU upgraded or replaced. Our anti-static guards are on our wrists and we’re ready to perform this task on your system.

  • System Design/Building
  • Building a system can be a challenge for someone who’s new to the profession/hobby. There’s lots of components and some are only compatible with a narrow range of others, some draw more power than certain supply units can handle, etc. We offer assistance with custom computer building.

  • Mining Rigs
  • Mining rigs are computers that are specifically designed to harness the power of multiple processing units both CPU and GPU to “mine” cryptocurrency. There is currently a trend and high demand for these machines and they can be expensive to build. Most people don’t know how to fit 6 graphics cards into a single computer or the best way to “rig” it all together. Tech Magic can offer professional help with yours.

  • Sound Card Upgrades
  • If you’re still using “on-board” sound or the sound that came with your motherboard and you would like something better for your musical interests, give us a call. We’re ready to match the best sound hardware with your sound studio computing requirements.

  • Graphics Card Upgrades
  • Much like with building a mining rig Tech Magic might be your best route when trying to upgrade the graphics on your computer as well. Graphics cards are important depending on how many independent monitors you would like to have to be able to do your work.

  • Power Supply Swaps/Upgrades
  • There are many situations where either a customer comes to us and their power supply has quit or they are trying to draw too much power from an inefficient supply. We can help diagnose or upgrade your system to ensure you’re getting the adequate amount of power for the computer system.

  • Multi-processor Server Builds/Upgrades/Repairs
  • Tech Magic is experienced in building multi-processor (more than one CPU) servers for businesses, big data processing, business intelligence and medical applications. The configurations for these systems is nothing short of complex as they will have many HDD/SDDs, GPUs, and peripherals that they need to be configured properly with.

  • Wiring Cleanups
  • We’re wiring and cable management geniuses. Are you tired of having cables everywhere? Tired of looking at a mess of wires that you can’t easily get things in and out of? We know this headache all too well and we’re creative masters of managing cables cleanly.

  • General Assistance with Your Layout of Equipment (your setup)
  • Many of our customers find themselves unhappy with their “setup” A.K.A. layout of all their computer equipment. They don’t have enough USB ports, their laptop docking station isn’t easy to get in and out of, there’s too many wires going everywhere and they’re constantly digging themselves out of a mess of electronics. Tech Magic technicians are creative geniuses when it comes to creating the perfect setup for your home office or workspace that is both ergonomic and efficient.

  • Tune-Up Services
  • This is the service most local companies with 5 or more computers request. This includes upgrading the system drivers, operating systems, blowing out and wiping down all the computer equipment in their fixed assets. Tech Magic tune-up services also include some of the other bulleted items on this page such as “Wiring Cleanups” and “General Assistance with your setup of equipment”. We also report any problems or conflicts found during the system analysis on each machine. Think of this as a 30,000 mile maintenance service for your fleet of computers.

  • Consulting Services
  • It’s free to call us. If you don’t like to call people text us, that’s free too. For a minimal fee we can consult with you about what the best purchase for your home or office will be. We can make sure you get the correct parts and equipment that will best suit you, your home or business. We will be your powerful attorneys to the world of high technology we live in (analogy).