Malware companies are constantly updating their databases of known software that either intrudes on someone’s privacy, tracks their activities, impedes the user’s system and a whole range of other bad scenarios. In our experience we’ve come to find that people who work in professions as doctors, attorneys, science professionals and other higher skilled professions simply are not computer scientists and they have to hire Tech Magic for computer malware removal like other people do also.

Most people just need their computer to work and they need to be able to know that their activities are safe. It seems that the average computer user who isn’t well versed in computer science regarding application threads, system processes and system services is still very much able to know when their computer has been infected with one or more malicious pieces of software. The average user is still very much able to see the performance degradation of their computer, unwanted pop-ups or even direct messages telling them their data has been encrypted and is being held for ransom.

Tech Magic technicians are experts in malware removal from all systems. We’ve been in situations where senior systems administrators for companies like Thule were ready to replace entire hard drives on computers before we stepped in and solved the malware issue for them without having to replace hard drives. We’ve helped women we’ve worked with in the past track their boyfriend’s pornography activities and also helped them clean their computers due to their bad habits.

Tech Magic will diagnose the situation and if further action is needed, like a backup and re-imaging, the diagnosis fee will be waived in place of the fee for the corrective action taken. If you’re experiencing performance degradation, unwanted pop-ups or spam, malware or if you simply think you’ve contracted a virus give us a call today and we’ll get you fixed quickly for a competitive price.

Malware Removal