Tech Magic has a wealth of knowledge about both websites and the underlying web technologies that make them up. We’re experienced with both Apache and Nginx web servers, content management systems like WordPress, SEO techniques and best practices, databases like MySQL and Postgres and we can offer our help to anyone struggling to get their website where they would like it to be.

We are very well versed with hosting companies like GoDaddy, InMotion, Bluehost, Rackspace and even if you’re simply tired or not getting what you want from their tech support were here to provide a backup or replacement to you for such services. We can help you setup mail clients with your website, forward website email, fix and design input forms, repair databases, backup and move your website to another server, redesign your website and the list goes on and on.

Running your own website doesn’t have to be as hard as many people think either. Especially if you just need a low traffic web page for your business like ours. Our website uses a customized WordPress instance and is self-hosted on our own Nginx web server located here in Denver, Colorado. We can help you get setup with your own server, email, and you can skip all the recurring costs, annual fees and overhead associated with running a website like we do.

One call does it all and we’re here to listen to whatever it is you may be having an issue with. If we can’t do fix it or perform the work you don’t pay anything and we don’t waste your time.

Get a performance rating and corrective feedback on your existing website free here: Should you find any issues we can help you get your site optimal.